A Beginner’s Guide to Crochet – FREE EBOOK –

Hello cuties~

Come learn the basics to become a crochet master with us! *gotta learn them all, gotta learn them all*

Our ebook comes with 60 pages of beginner’s crochet fun! Get introduced to what crochet is, obtain information on the tools and supplies to get started, and learn the basic stitches all crocheters know. Here’s a preview of one of the pages within the book teaching you about hook sizing.

This ebook also comes with a free pattern: a cute watermelon clip! So after a long, treacherous lesson, you’ll finally be able to (hopefully) make your first crochet accessory with us!

Download the ebook here! We especially made two versions: one for lefties like me, and the other for the plethora of righties out there! (You will have to register for the site to download. Don’t worry its free! 🙂



Download Left Hand Version                                                Download Right Hand Version hand-17-800px hand-19-800px


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