Buying Yarn on a Budget

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Buying Yarn on a Budget

Imagine this. You’re in the middle of your project. It looks great- and you’re so excited to work on the next leg of your project. But just as you reach for the next skein, you notice that there is no next skein. You panic. Oh no! There’s no more yarn! You then check your wallet—oh no! You only have 2 dollars left! How will you ever be able to buy that last skein of yarn?! Well fear no more, because in this article, I’ll share with you my tips to obtaining the cheapest yarns if you are someone on a budget like me!

Looking for cheap yarn is no easy task. In order for you to really find the cheapest yarns, you’ll have to be attentive and keep your eyes peeled for local deals and coupons. Before I proceed further, I’d like write a quick disclaimer in that the tips I’ll be writing about won’t get you the best cashmere yarns for a cheap price, rather, it can get you the most quantity for your buck.

  1. After scouring numerous yarn hubs, I have found that Walmart sells the cheapest yarns regularly. They normally carry Red Heart Super Saver and Homeland brand yarns, which tend to be cheaper alternative, however, Walmart consistently sells them at the cheapest price when totaled without coupons like some of the major chain yarn suppliers do. A regular skein of Red Heart yarn goes for about $2.88, while Homeland skeins sell for $3.99
  2. The cheapest time to purchase yarn is definitely in the winter seasons. This is often the only time when yarn goes on sale. I find that the best sales occur in early November and January. Try your best to stock up then in time for the holiday season, and it also doesn’t hurt to build your year long collection either.
  3. I find that Michaels usually carries the best sales compared to other major retailers. Sales can go as high as 30% off for various yarn brands. On top of that, be sure to keep your eyes pealed for Michael’s coupons. They sometimes offer 25% off coupons for your entire order, including sale items. So, that’s a hefty percentage off of your total bill. This is how I managed to lunge in 20 skeins of yarns for only $30 dollars last year!!
  4. Find yarn store alternatives. Look for yard sales where skeins can run as low as 50 cents a piece, and– my favorite secret yarn haven, craigslist. You’ll be surprised at what you can find on the site. Many people who are moving or who have unwanted yarns are willing to sell their collections for a bargain.
  5. Get to know other people who crochet or knit! I know how protective everyone is about their beloved yarn (I know I am), but getting into a needle craft community builds your access lovely new yarns. I’ve gathered in total, 3 buckets of free yarn from a friend who loved to crochet and knit. Furthermore, I’ve also found that my fellow needle work friends are really willing to share, ideas, patterns, and best of all, their company, so really, there can be no loss in this deal.

I hope this article will be helpful in your hunt for budget yarn! Tell us how your searching went in the comments. Follow Wilfi on facebook, pinterest, and instagram for more goodies in the future!

Happy crafting~! 😀

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