Daisy Chain Necklace Beading Pattern

Something I’ve really been into these days are chokers. I’m definitely late to hop onto the trend, by my goodness, am I happy it’s back! I remember owning one of these daisy chain necklaces when I was young, but didn’t realize how easy it was to make one. Here’s a simple beading pattern for beginners:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Round nose pliers. I got a set of different types of pliers at Michaels for only around $10 😀
  • Beading thread
  • Seed beads in three different colors of your choice. For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll called them blue, white, and yellow. I also got these from Michaels. They were pre-strung beads that were on sale, 1 for the price of 3, so I got all the colors I needed. For better results, I recommend using higher quality beads like Toho or Miyuki seed beads. Any size bead would work as well, just keep in mind that the smaller the bead, the longer it’ll take to string and the smaller your finished project will appear, vice versa.
  • Beading needle with size appropriate for your beads.
  • 4 small seed beads. I used size 11/0 beads.
  • 1 jump ring (you can use as many as you’d like, but keep them on the small side so it won’t offset your necklace)
  • 2 clamshell tips
  • 1 lobster clasp

Thread your needle with about 5-6 feet of thread, and thread into (1) 11/0 seed bead, (1) clamshell tip, and (1) 11/0 seed bead like so:

Keep the beads about 4-5 inches below the tip of the needle. At this point, we will be threading in and out of these three beads to secure it in the following steps:

Thread back through the clamshell and the 1st bead you thread through.

Go back through the clamshell and 2nd bead you threaded.

Go back through the clamshell and 1st seed bed.

Repeat this unit the three beads feel secure enough. Loop the needle around the thread to create a knot to fasten. Make sure you knot at least twice so it’s super secure.

Your secured end should look like this now!

Cut off the short end of the thread, leaving just a few millimeters so it doesn’t unwind itself. Re-thread the needle with the long end of thread. String on 3 blue beads, 4 white beads, and 1 yellow bead to the bottom.

Thread your needle up through the first white bead.

String on 2 more white beads, then thread through the 4th white bead. 

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first flower chain!! Repeat these steps as many times as you need until you reach your desired length. Mine had 18 flower chains.

When you reach the end, thread on the 11/0 seed bead, clamshell tip, and 11/0, repeating the same first steps.

Place a jump ring in the clamshell (mine are huge! I ran out of the small ones at home 😆 ), pull down the hook of the clamshell with your pliers, and squeeze the clam shut.

Do the same for the other end, except instead of a jump ring, put a lobster clasp in its place instead.

And you’re done! Have fun wearing your kool new choker around town~ Let us know if you enjoyed the pattern in the comments below and make sure to share your pictures with us on on facebook, pinterest, and instagram! Seeing your creations makes us happy! :3

[Edit]: Here’s a simple step-by-step diagram of how to thread the beads for reference!

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