Hoarding Acorns for Winter

Just as the weather seems warm and the children are out of school, I only have one thing to anticipate: yeah, more school. Yes, I have summer classes this year, and a full load of them too. :'( Furthermore, I’ve most definitely been slacking on the blog and pattern creation. It feels overwhelming with so much to do, and it’s tough for me to balance my life with housework/errands with school, work, a blog, and the smallest piece of them all, my social life (dun, dun DUN!!).

Wil has been extremely encouraging though. Encouraging to the point where I felt like I had to write this blog to show how cute his words of encouragement are. haha! This morning, to try to get me to write more, he sent this cute message:



Well, while I can’t say that I’ve been successful in gathering all the “acorns,” I have been productive in drawing myself as a cute squirrel collecting them. See for yourself:

Actually… in real life, it would look a little something more like this:

In all seriousness, there’s a lot I need to work on. Content creation is definitely a big deal, but there are many more aspects to blogging (that may or may not be as entertaining as crochet) that I need to focus on as well. So I’m writing this to show not only myself, but everyone who’s reading that I can stay discipline!

So (hopefully, sooner or later) here’s what you can expect to see in the future!

  • Crochet patterns posted at least once every 2 weeks
  • Articles/posts every week
  • Progress updates on social media
  • Tutorials for different crochet stitches
  • The introduction of more crafts on Wilfi Crafts!

I’m pumped and ready to roll out more content! Heehee~ Anyway, keep in touch with us on facebook, pinterest, and instagram! We’d love to get to know everyone better, so don’t feel nervous to send us a direct message 😉

Til next time~

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