Prepping for Our First Craft Market

If you’ve been following our Instagram, you would’ve known that we had just attended our first artist market! It was a month long event in which we were able to set up and sell crafts at Ponce City Market along the Atlanta Beltline every Sunday in the month of April.

And I’m not even going to lie, it was tough to prepare for! It was most definitely a rash, last minute decision, but completely worth it. I had always wanted to be a part of an artist market, and Wil’s knew that, so when applications for Wonderroot’s market came about, he really encouraged me to do it (thank goodness). The biggest problems were the following:

  1. We didn’t have enough products to sell (it was literally one month before April)
  2. We we in the middle of one of our toughest semesters in college!

So came the grind to get things done. We needed substance, and FAST! Thus, Wil began perler beading (at the speed of light), and I, crocheting (snail speed, but that’s okay). Here’s a glimpse of the chaos that unfolded on N-minus 2 days to event:

Wil’s busy perler beading.

And my unkempt workspace.

There were sooo many things we had to plan for! We really didn’t have anything, including all the basic things vital to a business… like business cards for instance… or even an adequate amount of products… or even a setup. We managed to get the business cards in stock 1 week beforehand. I had them ordered from Vistaprints, which turned out really nicely.

My dad helped me plan the stand setup. I guess I’ve been to too many anime conventions, so the look I was going for mirrored that of an artist alley booth. Oh man, I wish I had kept the draft of how I drew out the booth so I could show you, but I threw it away. We went to Home Depot to by the PVC pipes to construct the thing. It looked like this completed:

Little did we know, that this contraption would be the biggest hassle of the trip, but more about that later. I’m planning on making a post about the top things we’ve learned this trip, or else this post would be too long, so stay tuned for that!

We ended making a huge mess in my living room creating and assembling items on the last day. But we managed to complete somehow on time.

Justin, my brother even entered to help perl some. Haha, though, he was mostly only making things he liked (while in the chaos, and we we’re all stress out cause it was so late at night, Justin to Wil: can you iron this hot dog for me?).

The final step was inventorying and pricing items, as seen here:

This was actually the funniest thing. It was the night before the event… 1am actually, and we were here, pricing. I guess we were all so exhausted that we began pricing based on our “feels” of the moment (basically, we priced to the goofy theme songs of Naruto Of course, this also didn’t work out for us, but I’ll get into more about that in the next article.

And thus, at 2:30am, were finally done!!! YAY!

Next came the biggest hurdle: actually selling.

This was the area in which we sold our items.

Our setup the first day was far from perfect, and was actually a bad location. It was holed in on the side of the market, and visitors were too awkward to approach because of it. But with each market, out stand actually improved significantly as we learn how to display what potential buyers wanted most at the front (these pictures are all from day one).

Wil’s parents, Justin and his girlfriend all come on day one to support us. A huge thanks to his parents for there help throughout the prepping process! Here are some awesome shots by his dad.

It was a beautiful, nice place for artists to set up. The Wonderrot staff in charge were friendly and relaxed. Because it was on the Beltline however, the majority of people passing by were out to exercise, rather than unleash their wallets. Regardless, it was a great first learning experience. I’ll be posting a part 2 where I’ll identify all the things we could’ve improved along the way for future reference for anyone looking to sell at the first craft market too!

If you have any tips for us, let us know in the comments below.

And again, happy crafting! 😀

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